Essential companion for Microsoft IntelliPoint. Makes the mouse wheel work in most applications.
System Palette Viewer
A widget for viewing the system palette. Demonstrates Office 97-style toolbars & menus, desktop docking, datatips, and other stuff. Includes source code.
Clipboard Spy
A nifty widget for spying on clipboard data. Demonstrates installing a clipboard viewer, Explorer-style "Send To" menus, and OLE drag-drop. Includes source code.
Converting from Short to Long Path Names
The Win32 API GetLongPathName is supported only from Windows 98 and Windows 2000 onwards. Here's how to do it on older platforms.
Label Editing in Dialog Boxes
Strange things can happen when you try to implement label editing for Tree View or List View controls in dialog boxes. Here's why, and what to do about it.
Implementing Missing Shell Functions
Want to use SHBindToParent, but still need to run on older versions of Windows? Don't worry, it's not quite rocket science.


Last updated 03 January 2005 .