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Me and my friends love to go racing. We mostly race on weekends, some times at the race track, but we sometimes race on the back roads. We go prety fast at the race track sometime reaching speeds of 100mph. Not me though I have Audi GT and I'm only 18years old so my friends wont let me go past 80mph. My friends are in their mid to upper 20's so they can afford to spend money on their cars but I'm still a high school student. My friend Hico-shi is computer store owner he has Acura NSX-T he bought it used but he paid $56,000 for it. None of us realy get into accidents, but one time my friend Linda who bracked too early go hit from behind by tod. The only damage I ever have done is scraped paint, my friends and I always exchange painting while driving. We race about 15 cars a week and he have a points system. I have never won a race but I have 30pts. I'm in 13th place over all. Below are some of my friends cars.

This is Roger's BMW. This picture was taken after he got a new paint job the car used to be red. Roger used to race it but not any more. He uses a honda now becuse he dosen't want to bang up his car.

This is Ross' BMW Z3 this car is only a 1.9 liter so it isn't that fast. Ross has also stopped racing he raced this car for 3 months, but it got unsafe because there is not roll bar. Ross is a physican interning at the local hospital. Pretty good car for some one how only makes $45,000 a year.

This is Mike's Black Supra Turbo. This is a very fast car and mike is not scared to use it. Mike has exchanged alot of paint with me. Mike has invested alot of money in his car he just bought new wheels for $1500. Mike has won 15 races in this car and he leads the points chase.

Finally this is my 89 Audi GT. I only paid $2100 for this car it had 89k miles onit. I mainly use it to drive to school, but I enjoy it when I race it I admit I need new racing wheels and there is alot of rust from the beach but here in Daytona we are allowed to drive on the beach. This racing can be dangerouse so always wear your seat belt (keeps you in the seat while cornoring) and helmet

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