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SynNETergy is the employment of synergy on the Internet. Specifically, SynNETergy is having your web page use associations and partnerships on the internet with businesses which have the resources to engage in national and international commerce.

"Web Retailers Finding Allies At Sites With Nothing To Sell. The practice - known variously as syndicated selling, on-line franchising or associates programs - allows retail sites to link with information sites to alert Web travelers where they can find products that might interest them. In return, the information sites receive a commission on any sales generated through the link. The information sites are not restricted to giant corporations; even mom-and-pop sites are becoming players in this field." Monday, April 14, 1997, New York Times.

Suppose you want to create a book store on the internet to sell books related to a special area of interest. How should you do this on the internet?

One way is to purchase special software to process orders on your commercial web site. Stock pile all of these books in your house and have the labor and support necessary to process and ship orders as you get them from the internet. You can also have an attorney on retainer in case someone or some people sue you in some state or country thousands of miles away from you.

Another way is to refer clients to an existing web bookstore\warehouse for a fee and letting it worry about processing the orders and stockpiling and shipping all of the books. You can then concentrate on attracting the special interest traffic and maybe business in your local area external to the internet.

The first approach requires a lot of cost to implement and exposes you to a lot of potential liability. The second approach is very inexpensive, requiring only that you have a commercial web page (Geocities has commercial pages available and a community of 250,000 potential customers).

Consider my hypothetical concept of creating a unique and interesting logo design vaguely related to a little known eastern religion. I purchase a web page showing the logo and an explanation of what it means. I indicate that clothing with my logo on it may be purchased by clicking on my order form which is linked to a large clothing warehouse which specializes in imprinting custom logos on clothing. That a special credit card can be had with my logo on it by clicking on my credit card order form which is linked to Big Bank USA. That special books on the little known religion can be had by clicking on book titles linked to BigWebBooks.com, and so on and so on. In this case, there could be a referral fee AND a trademark licensing fee.

Clearly, a concept which would allow you to attract and refer the greatest number of people to the most commercial sites would be the most profitable. Once you have a large enough client base and are rich enough you can branch into being your own supplier for certain of your products.

This web site will be devoted to gathering together resources related to the SynNETergy concept.

The best approach we suggest you follow is to explain your concept to companies you believe would benefit from your idea and ask them if they will pay a referral fee. Of course, you could also ask if they would be interested in advertising on your page.

If you are a company interested in letting people know that you will pay a referral fee or if you know of such a company, please submit the url(s) and description(s) to us at synnetergy@relationshipllc.com. If you belive that your web site is SynNETergistic, we would also like to add your url to our SynNETergistic Web Sites list.

Amazon.com has an associate program that pays cash. CDNOW has a program that pays in store credit, i.e. merchandise.

Other Companies That Have Associate Programs

Anawave Software

- low cost Web Hosting Service try

Imprint Companies

- these links are to companies that will print your logo or design on various items for sell

Click Through Software

One of the neat things to have when you have on a Synetergistic Web Site is some way to log how many times someone clicks on your links to other pages. This way you have ammo to go to your associates and show them exactly how many customers you are referring to them. We found two cgi scripts which look really nice that you may want to try out.

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Click Count

This type of software goes under the general title of "click through scripts" or "click through log" if you want to do a search.

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