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About Myself

My name is Dr. Suman Bhusan Bhattacharyya. I have done MBBS from India, and MBA in International Management from Belgium. I have joined Karishma Software Limited as Vice President (Clinical Services) in January 2007 and am based in New Delhi, India. I also hold an advanced diploma in hospital administration. I have got around 6 years experience in hospital administration as medical administrator and 18 years as general medical practitioner. I design business model architectures using UML. I know computer programming and have several diplomas in the same.

My principal interests are in the field of medical informatics, especially telemedicine, besides evidence based medicine and artificially intelligent clinical decision support systems. Currently I am focusing on applying Bayesian probabilistic principles for clinical decision support in electronic patient medical records, healthcare datawarehousing, and the development of concepts on real-time patient data capture in hospital management information systems.

My 18 years experience in computers range from PCs running such OS as DOS, WIndows™, UNIX, Linux; programming languages like C, Java 2, HTML, Javascript, VBScript, ASP, VB, BASIC; database applications like Oracle™, SQL Server™, Foxpro™, Access™; Networking in Novel NetWare™; besides the normal office application suites.

You can view my online CV by clicking here.

You can download my CV in Acrobat PDF format by clicking here.

For the un-initiated...

Telemedicine The art of delivering the best of available health care to anyone without the constraints of geographical or technological barriers between the deliverer and the receiver of such care.
Evidence Based Medicine The current, conscientious, explicit and judicious use of current best evidence in making decisions about the healthcare of individual patients.
Medical Informatics The study, intervention and implementation of structures and algorithms to improve communication, understanding and management of medical information. All this is made possible through the coalescing of data, knowledge and the tools necessary to apply the above in the decision making process at a time and place that the decision needs to be made. The focus being on the various structures and algorithms necessary to manipulate the information.


Please do note that the opinions expressed herein are my own, which were mostly formulated based on my research on the subject during 1997-98 as well as on subsequent study on the subject. Most are theories, some are postulates and the rest are based on actual experience and materials from various sources [ref. bibliography]. Needless to say, I owe a big debt to the various authors on the subject for the technical aspects. The reader may choose to quote the material contained herein freely. An attribute to the source would be much appreciated.
The reader is therefore most strongly urged to think most carefully about the contents and formulate judgement based on their own perceptions.
I explicitly and unequivocally state that I shall not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any situation that might arise as a consequence of using them.

You may read my original capstone thesis by clicking here. You need Acrobat Reader© to read it.

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