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Welcome to My Home away from Home!

This is my first attempt at creating a web page using by Microsoft.  I am a Visual Basic developer in Mason, Ohio (near Cincinnati) for Component Software International.  This is a great company to work for - go to Favorites to learn more about CSI.

The main purpose of this page is for my parents.  They own nearly 100 acres of prairie in North-Central Illinois.  This land borders The Nachusa Grasslands, Nature Conservancy property.  My Mom and Dad hope to help educate others (as well as receive information) about prairie restoration, wildlife rehabilitation and other 'Nature' topics.

In addition to the prairie, my parents have renovated the barn that was on the property as their home.  See topics for additional information about this transfermation and pictures.   My Dad also is working on...Lincoln Highway Association, Small Business Owners...   See the Topics section for more information about prairie restoration, wildlife rehabilitation, The Nature Conservancy...

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Thanks for stopping by.  Please Email me if you have any Web suggestions.

This page was last updated on 11/27/99.