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Monday 1st of July 2002

Hi Everyone!
I just thought I would write a more up-to-date line to say that I am happy and well.
Si and I are happy still, um and dad love France and Chris was recently promoted!
I have uploaded some new photos - enjoy!!

Am off on holiday in 2 weeks time - Switzerland, also to attend the wedding of Sean Bolling and Kristina Lassila.
In September I am then going to Tracy and Will's wedding in San Francisco. Si and I are combining this with a State-side holiday - can't wait!!!!!
OK, have to do some work - byeeeeeeeeee
Being multinational and a keen traveller, I see much, see many and do a lot. I also take photos of all my encounters with Gods creations and my friends and that is why I have created this webpage. I am seriously fed up with spending money on making expensive second sets of photos so now I will post them on my web page!!!!
This page will also contain small reports on my latest travels and friendly visits.
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