Dining Out in Kuching City

Last Updated 20th August, 2007. HAPPY 50TH MERDEKA MALAYSIA!

 Kuching, the capital city of the State of Sarawak in Malaysia, is a unique city of contrast and contradiction where a perfect harmony of tranquility and bustle coexists. It is chosen by the World Health Organisation as an exemplary model of a healthy city.

The city is rich in culture and heritage; it is a melting pot of many races.. Chinese, Malays, Indians, Europeans and the very special indigenious people of the State of Sarawak. This has resulted in a very rich cuisine; there is a profusion of eating places, from hawkers' stalls to 5 star restaurants, boasting of dishes from all over the world as well as traditional food found only in Sarawak.

Kuching in the Malay language means "cat". The city has its own special breed of cats as well as a museum, The Cat Museum, which contains exhibits from all over the world on the feline species.

The city has a very unique architecture, with a seamless blend of the "old" represented by colonial single and two storey buildings and the "new" with skyscrappers, condominiums,etc.

A view of Kuching showing the contrast of old colonial buildings in the foreground against the backdrop of modern skyscrappers.....

The city has much to offer even to the very discerning visitors. It has a one stop "Cultural Village" where for a very modest admission price, a visitor gets a quick yet comprehensive picture of the cultures and traditions of the various communities.

A dayak dance at the "Cultural Village"

The city is also famous for its wild life and the proximity of its rainforest. A bare thirty kilometers away at the Bako National Park, visitors can obtain a first hand "feel" of a tropical rainforest with its abundance of fauna and flora. The Hornbill, the special bird of the State of Sarawak, could be seen in all its splendour in its natural habitat. The Sememggok Research Centre not too far away allows visitors a further insight into the rich fauna of the State where the Orang Utan, a primate peculiar to the island of Borneo, could be seen.

The Hornbill.... The State Bird of Sarawak

Kuching has much to offer even to the most discerning of visitors. The city takes great pride in its "greeness" and its conscious and affirmative attempt to ensure that its population and development takes place without imposing any perils on its environment. There are a lot to offer for everyone to satiate his senses from the culinery to the visual.

Finally, a slide show.....


Eating out is one of the great pleasures and fun things in Kuching. The varieties are overwhelming, and the prices are incredible. Every visitor for a modest expenditure should be able to eat like an emperor.

I shall take you on a guided tour. I hope that your gastronomical curiosity will be stimulated to entice you to our lovely city. If you are planning a visit, you must really try all our dishes.
Ours is a healthy city so that to all intent and purpose, you should not catch anything serious from the food you eat unless you are much too adventurous....

Enjoy the tour....










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