Get the book that Rubberstampmadness calls "A must for today's stamper who responds to the deeper instincts of the rubber movement during the past 30 years."


By Sandra Mizumoto Poseywith photographs by Sue Nan Douglass. University Press of Mississippi, 1996. 8 x 8 inches, 72 pages, 44 full-color and 45 b&w illustrations. Order the book here!

As illustrated by the folk expression "rubber stamped approval," rubber stamps have long been associated with repetition and unoriginality. Similarly, for many, ideas about correspondence have been limited to dry business letters, photocopied family updates during the holidays, and perhaps the all too infrequent love letter. However, the eight artists featured in this volume (Don Clarke, Sue Nan Douglass, Picasso Gaglione, Wendy Gault, Donna Nassar, Kat Okamoto, Stephen Sloan, and Vicki Timmons) demonstrate the creativity and originality of rubber stamp art through their handcarved stamps and illustrated correspondence community.

Although they live in an age of instantaneous electronic communication, rubber stamp artists choose to connect with each other via the relatively languorous channels of the U.S. postal service. Such networking by rubber stampers has fostered a fascinating culture.

Sandra Mizumoto Posey, an almost fanatical rubber stamper, traces the history of impressed art back to the days of Mesopotamian cylinder seals. Today, the production of rubber stamps has evolved into a multimillion dollar industry with a customer base that includes casual users, hobbyists, and artistic professionals.

Rubber Soul: Rubber Stamps and Correspondence Art is part of the Folk Art and Artists Series, edited by Michael Owen Jones.

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