This page is dedicated to all you wonderful ladies in this world, for you bring so much joy to the hearts of men. I do love redhair, red nails (fingers/toes) and blackstockings on a lady. But that is what I like, not meaning that all you blondes, brunettes, blackheaded, greyheaded and even a few purpleheaded ladies are not just as loving and beautiful as the rest. For it is in the heart where love is found.If you are willing to have your photo here for all the world to see, feel free to email it to me and I will post it as long as it is within the guidelines of Geocities

This is me when a see a redhead in black stockings with red nails

So here's to all of you wonderful ladies..... Cheers......


I felt I had to add her photo and link to her Homepage,
because she has a beautiful smile, and is a great

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I hope you enjoy these photo's.
I wish to thank all of you that sent in photo's of yourself and encourage others to do so. A few photo's were found online by me and a few friends. Just click the photo below, and start your journey through several pages of thumbnails of the most beautiful Redheads in the world.

A page of my favorite redhead

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