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My interests include:

Information about the
 Supreme Court Decision in the CDA case

Brewing and Beer

I belong to the Brewers United For Real Potables (BURP) homebrewers club.

I now buy more of the beer I drink than I brew, so here are some interesting pointers to:

I also judge beer, having achieved the rank of Certified Judge within the Beer Judge Certification Program.

And, because I feared this would be buried in the links stuff, here is a Mead Record-keeping sheet, designed by Gordon Olson. It is in Microsoft Word format. If you don't have access to that program, there is a free program for viewing Microsoft Word documents.

John's Family

My family consists of me, Karen, and our three children: Margaret, Zachary, and Dominic.
Sometimes they let me drink beer.
My lovely wife Karen even lets me brew beer from time to time.

John's Work Travel

My work travel takes me around the US and even internationally. Here are some pictures.


I bowl, and participate in the Fantasy Bowling League.
In real life, I am not currently in a bowling league.
If you want a site with lots of good bowling info and links, try Bob Ashley's site.

Swedish Info

I am trying to expand my information on this subject, so I moved my Swedish Info to another page.

Latest Quote

You can no more win a war than you can win an earthquake.
-Jeanette Rankin

Latest Joke

Did you ever wonder what this world would be like,

without any hypothetical situations?


Don't look at my typical weekly schedule.
And, for those who wonder what I do in my spare time.

Just for those musically inclined, here is a selection by ATTAIGNANT, Pierre (c. 1494 - 1551-52) For more Renaissance and other Early Music, check out The Internet Renaissance Band

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