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Hi! I am a mom of four wonderful, beautiful, caring, considerate children. Well at least most of the time! I wanted to make a page that I could use to talk to other parents and maybe share some interesting perspectives on the whole parenthood issue. Please visit and enjoy, I hope to at least let you leave with a smile on your face ...maybe even a kool-aid mustache.

Now a little about me....Well lets see..Most of my life could have been written by the soap operas (I'm still waiting for my royalities). I have given birth to four children. Vincent(18), Zachary(15), Gabrielle(14), and Sabrina(13). I am also a proud stepmother to two wonderful kids; Andrea(23), and Brandon(22). And just a step-grandma to Ashlynn. I have been married to my wonderful better half for 17 years this August!! Much of my parenting abilities have been learned the hard way(a rule of will find yourself sounding more and more like your parents so beware!) I choose to stay at home with my children..part infact that we couldn't afford the daycare for all of them! Once the kids were finally all in school, I began to work at a wonderful place called Nelson Electric. I love my children but I also enjoy hanging out with people who don't really care for McDonald's Playland and Sesame Street! I Have been a Packer Backer for many years...and I am finally able to say...that they won a superbowl in my life time. WAY TO GO GUYS!! Another thing to ponder about the Packers is my children have never know life as a Packer Fan without Brett Favre...WOW! We are entering into a whole new era this year. Life of a parent is really very challenging and I figure by the time I get a handle on it....It will be time for them to move out(3 out of the house and 3 to go!) Please view my pages and drop me a line....If you don't I'll send the kids over!!!

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I would love to hear from you. Tell me about the children, the spouse, the bad day, or better yet the good day. I love to get mail. Drop me a line. No clothes lines please, I have enough of that already!

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