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Hi, I'm chasmosaur.

Click on the dinosaur to see the real me. (490066 bytes)

I signed up on 06/20/97 11:39:18, but have not moved a lot of stuff in here yet.

Hello, # Counter!

Wanna see my CD collection? (1019759 bytes)
Wanna see some tapes fireflies have sent me? (181229 bytes)
Wanna see my rapidly aging tape collection? (312479 bytes)
Wanna see some golf stuff?
Wanna see what I'm watching?
Want to get on an anonymous e-mail list that offers you a chance to trade tapes with me? It's the output of a program that runs every Tuesday that randomly selects songs from my burgeoning CD collection to put on a 90-minute cassette. (I make the tape for myself every week to listen to in the car.) There's other stuff in the e-mail, too, like: a randomly selected joke, a randomly selected quote and newspaper articles that I find interesting. Click here if this sounds like fun to you. Just type "subscribe virtual mix tape" as the subject and you'll get your first one next Tuesday. Wanna see what the last 100 random mixes look like?
What kinda sick game is this?
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